Witness All The Amusing Beaver Trims

Trustworthiness of Vagina

Ever ponder what weird cuts your girlfriend can experiment on with her vagina? Seeing a nice looking, shaved muff is always a wonderful thing, but what if she does something more than the bikini line every so often. Trimming your vainga hair presents all of the weird style a woman can shave her pubic hair. The graphic time line displays to you what designs are reliable and which ones are unreliable that you should be aware of.


It’s a interesting time line with names and pictures of how the pussy hair is cut. You will witness trims such as The “Chewie”, The Chong, The Vajazzle, The Martini Glass and a lot more.  You will given the chance to spread the love of this hilarious graphic onto any other site with the HTML code that is given on the site. Check out TRIM YOUR MUFF for the best pictures of the weird shaves for the pussy.